Continuing with the post about Teruel in this post I am going to tell you about the most well-known love story in Spain and that it has a certain relationship with a play known world-wide in world literature and with classical Roman mythology.

 If I mention Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet you quickly recognize it as you have already seen the work, read etc. The truth is that this love story has many similarities with the work of Shakespeare since it dates back to medieval Spain, specifically in the twelfth century, where Isabel de Segura and Don Diego de Marcilla fell in love, but because the latter belonged to a social class inferior and lacking fortune could not marry his beloved. Therefore, her father gave her a period of five years to amass the required fortune.

The time passed and both young people waited with great longing, but the father of Isabel when lost the patience arranged the marriage between his daughter and the noble Don Pedro de Azagra.

After arriving Don Diego to Teruel with the fortune he found out by an inhabitant of the happened marriage and he appeared in the residence of his beloved one where he requested a kiss of love, but this one who was a decent woman denied it given his new condition of woman married At the same moment, Don Diego died for love and in his funeral, Isabel gave him the kiss he asked, dying of love too.

Finally, both families, seeing what happened, decided to bury them together so that they would remain together in death because in their lifetime they had not been able to stay together. In this way, they became known as THE LOVERS OF TERUEL.

Once this history is known, do you find similarity with the work of Shakespeare and with the myth of Priam and Thebes of Roman mythology?


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Get back to past


Hi everybody, in this post I am going to to get back to past through special tag in which I will answer some questions related to my childhood. You will be able to discover new things about me too.

1, Childhood movie.

Without doubt one of the movies which I always watched as a child and did not bore me at all, was THE LITTLE MERMAID, I loved that movie specially the Sebastian crab.


2. Childhood song

In this moment I can´t remember any song.


3, TV program


I remember one of the programs that I never missed on weekends. It was Megatrix, which consisted of a team formed by children who had to perform a series of tests to get prizes.


4, Serie to children

Of course I could not miss the great classic series of Oliver and Benji that equal a goal lasted two chapters and all gawking we swallowed and who has not done it lies. ;) In addition you cannot miss DIGIMON AND POKEMON.


5, Favourite snack


This question reminds me of those winter evenings when it was cold that chilled everything (I hated the cold and I still hate it) and my grandmother would make me a cup of hot chocolate.


6, Games that I used to play during breaks in my school.


The truth is that in my childhood I was quite shy but I used to play the typical of chasing and jumping rope.

7, Favourite toy


A white stuffed cat that I still have as a souvenir. This stuffed animal has the strange case of not having been broken.


8, Old memories which make me happy


In new year´s eve at my grandparents' house, I used to see the gala that they played as singers and to be a long time dancing with my grandfather.


9,  When I was a child I would be


LAWYER. Despite a small deviation that I had already pointed ways from small since I'm going that way.


10 .Popular singers in that moment



When the first edition of OT started I became a fan of Natalia, but in my adolescence I succumbed to rebel fever, if I was a full-fledged fan of RBD to the point of buying all the discs, reading every article of them in magazines. I just missed going to a concert of them. As an anecdote I was always listening to his music. My father's poor son had his head fried.


11, Stupid fashion clothes


The truth is that I did not follow the fashion of the moment since I wore clothes that they gave me but once I bought the famous rocker belt and took it backwards as it was worn.


12, Sweets


The red licorice was my undoing.


13,  Important event


When I went for the first and only time to Alex Ubago´s concert


14,Summer place


The truth is that I have never had a place to spend the summer since my father worked hard and my grandparents had to take care of me and my brothers so my summers were always in town.


15,  Do you miss something?


Yes, I miss my grandfather, he has been a very special person in my life


16, Something that you continue doing


Nothing, I have changed a lot.






This tag has made me very nostalgic and I have been able to remember things that I almost did not remember. I hope you liked it and that you comment if you identify with something.

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